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A while later, Saphira landed. She explained to Oromis what had happened and what they were left to do. Luckily, Oromis understood and but had said drawing on other creatures energy and eating them would have been safer. Eragon saw the stomach wall indent toward him where Oromis was pressing against Saphira's side. He heard some muffled words and he shielded his eyes against the bright light. Eragon was relieved to see Oromis, Glaedr, and Saphira on the outside. Eragon followed Oromis inside where he was fed and they began talking; it had been a while since they saw eachother. Glaedr and Saphira were left outside.
"Glaedr, have you ever eaten anything live and have it temporarily live inside your stomach?" Asked Saphira.
"No...I haven't. But it would be a unique experience if it feels how you described it. However, Oromis is to fragile to be eaten by a dragon as strong as I".
Saphira thought a bit, then responded," then Glaedr, eat me."
Glaedr raised his head and gazed at Saphira.  "I would be more than happy to eat you".
"Just swallow me whole". Guided Saphira.
Glaedr's monsterous paw swooped down and picked Saphira up as if she were nothing but a toothpick. He opened his maw wide and dropped Saphira in. Saphira felt air whiz past her as she fell fifty feet and through Glaedr's teeth. His monsterous tongue licked her all around, covering her in thick saliva. Glaedr swallowed and Saphira's tail and legs began sliding down the throat. Her heart beat with excitement at the thought of being inside a male dragon's stomach. With another strong swallow, Glaedr managed to swallow his apprentice whole. Saphira felt the throat rumble and vibrate as Glaedr hummed in delight as he swallowed her down. She past through a ring and into the stomach. "Eragon was right; the walls sank in where ever she went and made a nice bed. She settled down in a corner and drifted off to sleep.
Glaedr managed to walk over to the hut and looked in through the small door. "What is it, Glaedr? Is something wrong?" questioned Oromis.
"No, nothing is wrong. I just wanted to show you something." Glaedr replied.
Eragon helped Oromis outside to see what Glaedr wanted to show them. His stomach was bulging and Saphira was nowhere to be seen. "What in Galbatorix's name did you do?!" shouted Oromis when he saw Glaedr's sagging belly.
"I swallowed Saphira." Glaedr responded simply.
"Glaedr! You don't start eating other things live just because Eragon and Saphira did it! Now you'll have to get her out of your belly on your own. I am NOT using that much energy to get an entire dragon out of your stomach!" Oromis stormed inside the hut with Eragon following.
Saphira awoke to the stomach shaking.
"Saphira?" Glaedr began, "Are you awake? When Oromis saw what I did to you, he got mad and said I had to get you out on my own."
"But Glaedr, your stomach is perfect for me. I would live inside you forever if I could!" Saphira pleaded.
"I know. But I have to get you out somehow."
"And what would that be, Glaedr?'
Glaedr sighed and thought for several minutes. Then he responded, "I'll have to regurgitate you."
"Fine. Do what you must." Saphira said. Then, the stomach lurched. Then it lurched again and Saphira was thrown into Glaedr's mouth again. The tongue felt her and stroked her back. Then the jaws parted and Saphira crawled out. She turned and looked at Glaedr.
Glaedr said in a low voice, "Sometime, I'll offer to take you and Eragon out for a flying lesson. We'll hide. Then I can eat you again. You feel so good inside me." Glaedr's tongue came out of his mouth and ran over Saphira's back. "Come back tomorrow for your lesson." Glaedr said.
I don't own the characters. They are Christopher Paolini's. There will be more in this series.
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